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005 KHOMSIAH  43歲

​​香港經驗: 5年​​


照顧長者, 大人或 1 個 6 歲以上小朋友

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002 MAESAROH 38歲

​​香港(長者)經驗: 5年​​




**另有大量非香港經驗海外印傭, 歡迎WHATSAPP查詢及索取** 


Declaration by Applicant

I agree and will be responsible for any publication of above information. I hereby confirm that all information and answer give to me is to the best of my knowledge.

**The applicant gives all information with No responsibility holding by our company. **以上資料由申請者提供, 任何法律責任與本公司無關。

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